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Children's mental health Awareness Week

Children's mental health Awareness Week

February 05, 2021
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This year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is taking place on 1-7 February 2021 in the U.K.and the theme is "express yourself"

This is to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. 

Children need to be able to express themselves and without judgement.

They deserve to have their voices heard as they are our future.

Schools are a great resource,but it begins at home.

 Encourage children, young people and adults to look after their bodies and their minds.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our bodies and minds are connected, so little things that we do to improve our physical wellbeing can help our mental wellbeing too. 

A little yoga and meditation can go a long when addressing mental health.

Awareness of mental health is vital in diffucult these times of covid.

Be gentle with them.